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29-07-2003 - 03:27

if you keep your vision clear, you will see the future...

well, my leg is doing better. the butterfly strip is holding the injury together quite well. and, one of the nurses at work told me that i could use a stitch in it, but that i had done pretty well with the butterfly. now i just have to hope it doesn't get infected.

currently watching the highlander movie. currently cold. currently hungry.

leg stings a bit.

the movie is making me want to live in a castle.

what else is on my mind...well, honestly...there's many things. i wonder what shaun thought of seeing me the other night. i wonder if there was any reason he chose to play coldplay that night. i wonder what i'm going to wear to cory and heidi's wedding. i wonder if kim will give me the days off i requested. i wonder how long it will take my leg to heal. i wonder if i should call garrett. i think i should clean up my room a bit, but i'm too lazy. i wonder why i can't sleep. i think that more guys should wear white dress shirts. i wish i could meet more cute confident guys. i miss sleeping next to someone. i wonder if it's going to rain tomorrow/today. i wonder when i'll get to hang out with aimee or andy again. i can't decide if i'll do anything this week.

anyways. i need to get offline.

"and my head just aches, when i think of...the things tht i shouldn't have done. but, life is for living, we all know. and i don't wanna live it alone..." -coldplay



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