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12/08-2003 - 02:52

it's started. i've always wanted to go to new york, and i finally am. i've talked and talked about going and last week i booked a hotel and a flight. i leave at 7am from detroit metro and then i'm in ny for 5 days. i've never traveled by myself before. some people may think it odd that i'm almost 24 and i've never traveled by myself, but...ohio i was with aimee, europe i was with darcy, arizona i was with kyle, canada i was also with kyle and brian...

i feel like this is a transition. a trasition from words to actions. i'm doing this. if i can do this, i can do everything else i keep talking about. (maybe with an exception of winning millions in the lottery...but there's still hope.)

so much has been going on lately. i've not even been keeping up here.

a quick summary. i've talked to garrett a bit (he's a twin who's brother is named andrew). my sister had moved into a duplex with one of her boyfriends. he works as a bartender at the casino. my sister plans on finishing college. she will drive the hour or more to her classes three times a week. my grandmother is doing well. this weekend will be the first in a long time that i'll not visit my grandparents. my parents keep offering me money for my trip since they keep giving so much to my sister. i keep refusing.

i am so excited about going to ny that i can barely sleep. i'm not sure how i'm going to leave at 4:30 in the morning for my flight.

i can't even put into words how happy/blissful/excited/hyped/anxious i am to go on the trip. i'm not sure if it's because i love traveling and haven't for some time, or if it's the whole being in a big city again, or if it's just the thought of having a new adventure. i think that part of it is that every time i've ever traveled before (with an exception to the canada trip) i've had everything planned out well in advanced. this is semi-spontaneous. i can't believe i booked everything less than a week ago.

...and, there's so much in ny to see/do. i'm not sure how i'm going to get all the touristy stuff in.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! i love this.

i'm going to be staying only a couple of blocks away from the empire state building. (details will be released upon my return.)

i wonder. is ny as big as i imagine? is it like london? is it as easy to navigate as london? how long is it going to take to check in at the airport with the post sept.11th security? i need to go to meijers tomorrow after work and pick up some more black and white film. i think i'm going to take colour photos with my digital and black and whites with my 35mm camera. am i going to have to have my film x-rayed? i hope not. i've had entire rolls of film "bleached" by those before. i'll have to call the airline tomorrow and see how much luggage someone's allowed. i have a small suitcase, a carry on "mail" bag, and a camera bag. i wonder if i'm allowed a carry on and a small camera bag. there's no way i'm going to send my camera through the regular luggage goings ons. what does one wear in ny? i absolutely must buy one of those i "heart" new york shirts when i'm there. it's one of those things i think every tourist has to buy there. do airports allow people to "secure" their suitcases with belts? (mine won't stay shut without something holding it closed.) i wonder how someone goes about getting a bus or something from lga to their hotel?

i've also been "researching" ny for my trip. watching a bunch of ny movies. so, it's not really research, but it is getting me into the hanging out in ny mood.

life is good.

stay tuned for tons of ny stories upon my return. (i'm not leaving any more entries till i get back since i plan on being too busy packing and such unitl then.)

no lyrics this entry...

[insert indiana jones theme song here]

(dut du da da. dut du da. dut du da. dut du dah dah dah. dut du da da. dut du dah. dut du dah dah du dah dah du dah dah da da da.)

it's what i was thining of when typing all of this and it makes me think of adventure in a "far off land".



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