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26-08-2003 - 02:17

chat's been out for a while now. finally got back on for a bit tonigt....

right now i'm watching cowboy bebop. already watched the whole inu yasha, blue gender, trigun run. yesterday i went to the renaissance festival with aimee and joe. last second plans. we planned it around midnight on saturday/sunday and went on sunday. much fun was had except for the odd ill feeling i had towards the last half hour we were there. not sure if it was something i ate or what, but i felt like i was going to be ill for about half an hour. then i was fine.

still waiting for my soundtracks to flcl to come in.

and adult swim is now over. i was going to take a shower, but i think i'll just do that in the morning.

mars is almost at it's closest point to earth. i think on wednesday i'll go to my parents house after work and take a look at everything with my telescope. maybe even try to take some digital photos through it.

oh. i also found out that at my cousins wedding reception, two of her roommates were asking about my sister and myself. and my cousin told them that my sister was seeing someone (which she was) and that i was 16. so, not only did they think i was with my cousins (another cousin) friend, but they thought i was 16. so, all of that makes me feel better about not having any guys come up and talk to me.

oh. there was also my wonderful car problems. the fiero has the original 85 sparkplug cables on it. needless to say, they are old and need replacing. two of them aren't working. it's amazing that my car is still driveable. but, since i didn't want to drive the fiero in that condition, i drove the saturn for a few days. then the saturn died. had to replace the battery. so, the saturn is fixed (my parents spare car) and my car will be soon.


"i don't need to tell the truth, but i never lie. i don't need to bow to you, you're just passing by. i never wanted to be the one, you bitch and moan and come home to. but as long as you look good, i'll talk back to you. get inside my troubled mind...with all of your threats. sometimes i think i was blind...not before we're an evil little girl, i'm a twisted man. tear into your perfect world...make you understand. i never wanted to be the one you bitch and moan and come home to. but as long as you look good, i'll talk back to you and you have things to do..." -the pietasters



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