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12-09-2003 - 01:49

i'm in the middle of a 7 day work week when i realize that i'll be in the middle of my 8 day work week when my birthday comes around in october.

well. i've been away for a while. getting things straightened out. i'm going back to school in the winter. wayne state university. when i eventually get this programme finished, i'll have 2 bachelors degrees, a post bachelorate certificate, and i'll be able to get into the masters programme at msu that i want to eventually do. i've made amazing progress on my student loans. after my next cheque that i'm sending out on monday, i'll have just a tad over $13,000 left. paying at least $2,000 a month for quite some time now may be cashing out my accounts, but it will be good when i'm completely out of debt.

i'm enjoying my flcl soundtrack cd's. in enjoying them, i've discovered yet another reason why i should never get married. if i were ever to get married, instead of the normal wedding song, i'd have to have bran-new love song playing from the soundtrack.

hmmm...other fun things. this past "weekend"(it was my weekend, but really a monday), my mother and i went to an antique shop and found some cool things. a beautiful rhinestone and silver bracelet for $2.00 and a great pink and beige 60's cocktail dress with a row of feathers near the bottom for $2.50. i love the dress and can't believe that it's a perfect fit for me.

watching adult swim right now and drinking white wine. not a big fan of white wine, but this one isn't that bad. i'm kind of impressed that they're playing blue gender. it's a bit older than some of what they've been playing. maybe they'll even get around to fist of the northstar. i also kind of hope they eventually play full metal panic.

people keep telling me lately that i only look 16-18. i find this a bit annoying.


i like the smell of my room when i come home. faint smell of incense when i open my bedroom door. i can find no more a comfortable place in my world than my bedroom. the futon mattress on the floor that i use for a bed is oddly comfortable. the smell of incense and sometimes green tea that i've left on the window ledge.

roman holiday is on right now on amc. i've currently switched from adult swim as i've seen and own trigun. i've always thought audrey hepburn was the most beautiful woman ever. i remember when i was little i saw one of her movies at my grandmothers house on television and i wanted to be a movie star. a real movie star...not like the ones nowdays. if that makes any sense.

hmmm. i'm thinking of putting the kettle on in a few minutes here.

odd things. i find it odd that things i've done for years/liked for years are now starting to catch on. i see pop stars and such now wearing dresses and skirts over pants. they show anime regularly on television. asian style clothing is becoming trendy again (saw it everywhere in the mall). when did i become cute and trendy?!?

roman holiday is almost over. makes me want to meet a hot guy and fly to rome for a week long holiday. note to self...i'll have to work on that.

can't get into chat, so i think i'll finally put that kettle on.

i liked the original ending to this song if i recall a while back, but for some reason, i think i actually like the english ending for it better. it's catchy. i find myself whistling it after the show's over.

"even if the days when i smiled a lot, should turn out to be nothing but a lovely dream...that would be alright with me, if that's all it means. my mind's unrest. struggling with me. recalling the past. who i could be. gotta rise and be strong. gotta be tough, but not lose the person i am. two lives i life i lead, one life i dream. in dreams i remember the better in me. vision don't let me down. i'm depending on you. carry me through when i see reality." -laura bailey/english version ending to blue gender



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