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18-09-2003 - 02:27

and here's yet another exciting edition of "this is my life".

right now my back hurts. hunched over painting the candle holder i bought yesterday. i also can't decide where to place the basketball sized buddha head i bought yesterday. right now it's on the back of my toilet tank. can't have that. a little too odd having a buddha watch me in the bathroom.

i am currently lying sprawled out on my bed. wearing a slip for pajamas. watching cowboy bebop. fairly hungry.

i was going to do a bunch of cleaning least i washed my dirty laundry.

the usual incense smell of my room has been replaced by fresh paint smells.

my father called me today. guess my parents haven't been able to reach her for 3 days. we're thinking she's probably in jail again. she told my mother the other day that she was doing more community service. my mother asked her why and christina told her that she was doing extra community service to look good for the judge so her probation wouldn't be extended. no reason for it to be extended if she's done nothing wrong since. who knows.

still haven't worked on the hungry thing. i'll have to do something about that soon.

i also have slight insomnia tonight. and i really feel like coffee. yeah. great brain...if i drink coffee that will make me want to sleep even more. lovely.

odd mood. tired yet awake. oh well...there's always tomorrow.

"can you feel? can you feel that hybrid rainbow? kitto mada. genkai nante konna mon janai. konnan janai..." -the pillows

"can you feel? can you feel that hybrid rainbow? surely. we can still go further. further than this..." -the pillows vaguely translated



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