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25-09-2003 - 03:29

another work week done.

yet again, i ran into some minor car problems. the new ignition cables are smaller than the originals and slipped out of the holders. one of them hit the manifold and melted right through. just replaced it with one of the old ones.

went to a really great jazz/martini lounge the other night with gordon and tori. quite fun.

broken thoughts.

trying to decide on a halloween costume. japanese school girl? or haruko from flcl. but, i don't have a bass guitar or white boots. the rest i could definitely make.

watched a bunch of the history channel today. famous vandettas.

rained like mad today. started around 5pm and just kept going. still is.

i really ought to sleep soon, but i'm not sure if i can. at least i got some cleaning done. cleaned out my cabinet in the kitchen. cleaned my fish tank. cleaned most of my room. cleaned half of my bathroom. still need to clean up a bit more before ryan's party.

and, i think i need to meet someone soon. i'm getting sick of being single on my birthdays.

not much else to say right now...

"i really wasn't kidding about going to the city for the weekend. we were testing the water and we pulled each other into the deep end..."-the kingdom flying



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