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09-10-2003 - 00:07

i'm typing this on my new computer. yep. early birthday present from my parents. i think that we're splitting the costs. sony vaio laptop. pcg-frv28.

tomorrow (technically today) i start my 8 day work week...with my birthday right in the middle of it.

well. i bought most of the fabric for my flcl costume today. i decided on courderoy (possibly spelled wrong). i wish i was better at this costume making thing. i also wish i had a sewing machine and knew how to use one. sewing by hand takes a lot longer. i figure i'll start on it tomorrow when i get home from work. i plan on having the vest done by the end of my 8 day. i also bought the pink wig and cut it to the appropriate size. now all i will need after the vest is done is some goggles, a white scarf, and some boot covers.

when i visited my grandparents yesterday, my grandmother sent me home with some flowers from her garden. it's a good way to brighten up a long work week ahead. i have most of them in my bathroom, and a few in a sake pourer on my window sill in my bedroom.

dvd played is in the shop. bought it in may and the guy asked me if i wanted to purchase the extended warrenty. at the time i thought "who needs extended warrenty at $25?" good thing i didn't listen to myself and went ahead and bought it anyways. they're fixing it for free. and, if they can't fix it, then i get a newer model with the same functions.

i love this weather. it hit 80 today. windows open. sunshine. cool breeze. it's hard to believe that i was wearing my winter coat last week. hard to believe that stepping outside last week i could see my breath in the air. the projected weather is warm and rain free till my birthday. then it's supposed to rain and the tempreture is supposed to drop from there.

currently i'm drinking tea and eatting gokujo karinto's. they're these little wheat cracker things that taste exactly like peanut brittle.

for feeling unmotivated lately, i seem to be doing fairly well. college thing is still in place. work is going well...for work that is. the only thing that i really appear to be slacking in is my social life. i'm thinking that on the night of my birthday, after i get out of work, i'm just going to come home. do my usual routine, and fall into a coma-like sleep until noon the next day. when i have to go to work again.

"and with the early dawn...moving right along. i couldn't buy an eyefull of sleep, and in the aching night under satellites, i was not received. built with stolen parts...a telephone in my heart..." -audioslave



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