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10-10-2003 - 04:48

great way to start an 8 day work week. i was super busy at work today. missed most of dinner. somehow managed to but both of my thumbs. bruised my shin. pulled something that seems rather important in connecting my neck to my shoulder while lifting a really heavy object off of a gurney at the helicopter pad. then i get home, and realized that i've left my keys at work. drive back to work, get my keys, and come home. that was my day. if the rest of my week is anything like this, i'm not sure if i'm going to make it. i might just fall apart mid-week.

what a week to not have my dvd player.

bloody cable's acting up again. cartoon network's barely coming in tonight.

someone asked me again today why i like anime so much. i still don't have a good response for it. i don't like all anime. much like i don't like all music, or all foods. all i can say is that the anime i like makes me happy. i enjoy watching it. plus...why should i have to explain why i like anything that i like? oh well.

shoulder/neck's really hurting right now. kind of wish i could just sit here in bed with my laptop and have someone make me tea. make me tea and then watch movies with.

i just looked up at my wall's still on january...

i'm annoyed by the lady bug infestation of late. i haven't mentioned anything about it hoping that the problem would just go away, but the things are everywhere! 3 of them followed me into my car today on my way to work. one of them tried to dive bomb my eye while i was driving. "no officer, i wasn't drinking during the day...a lady bug was stalking me and tried to poke my eyeball out while i was driving."

7 more days of work. 1 more day until my birthday.

can't sleep again. logic said that if i wanted to sleep tonight, i shouldn't drink chai with a shot of expresso in it at the end of work. stomach decided to override logic and i drank it anyways. hmmm...and it probably doesn't help much that i'm drinking tea right now either.

well...think i'm just going to lay in bed with the lights off and sterio playing for a bit. see it that brings sleep.

first i think i'm going to find a place for the new shamrocks that my grandmother gave me. can't keep them too close to the window when it starts getting cold out again...

till next time...

"i need to hear you say goodbye. i don't know why i hang around. you soothe the pain within my eyes, and then you leave without a sound. show me a sign and i'm taking you home. give me the time, to show you, how i have grown. under the old back porch you knew. i loved you more than there and so, you let me fall back on my own...and where you were, i'll never know. show me a sign and i'm taking you home. give me the time, to i have grown. there'll be sun. all eyes fall from heaven now. seeing that i walk on (that way). so to the fall, all stares, all breaks, and no breaths, and i'll walk on...and feel the sun. so you're sad i turn away. to find out what i can be...and so, all these colours that shine within my soul, and all i am you'll never know. i see the signs and i'm taking you home. and i'll have the time, to show how i have grown. all works in all harboured lands. something is real here, real my bonney lass. something is real here...and it's real there. it's real here. something's habit and some...some things happen." -remy zero



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