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11-10-2003 - 03:27's my birthday once again. i think there's a full moon out. it's right near full anyways...

right now i'm watching an old black and white movie on television. it's called "the apartment". i like it so far.

right now i'm also feeling exhausted. i wish i was tired...sleepy tired.

drinking tea and eatting some little custard things. tasty.

there's a bunch of people who think i should go out tomorrow (actually tonight since it's after midnight) for my birthday. i think i'll just stay in. maybe i'll drive down to my new favourite bar for a drink and then come back here. i really don't want to do much driving, and i don't want to go somewhere crowded. who knows. blah. not enjoying this work week. 2 days down. only 6 more to go. and i have to get up early. my parents and grandparents are taking me out to my favourite sushi place..."happy sushi".

there's always things that people do and while they're doing them, their brain is telling them "this is bad". this happened to me last night. one of those so stupid/strange that it's hard to believe. last night at about 5am, i was in my bathroom brushing my teeth and noticed that some of the flowers in my vase had wilted. i went to throw them out in the bin next to my toilet when a large clump of them bounced into the toilet. so, i'm standing infront of my toilet with a large clump of wilted yellow mums sitting in the water. brain says "just pick them up and throw them away". then it says "wonder if you can flush them?". so...i went with the experimental flushing scenario. not one of my more brilliant manuvers. next thing i knew, water's up to the rim. i run and get the plunger. panic sets in. flowers sticking mostly in the drain. i ponder what my next move should be...should i jam my arm down the toilet and grab them out? or should i keep plunging until things work again? after a 20 minute ordeal, things were back in proper working order. on a side note, i'd not have flushed them if it wasn't for the fact that i live in a rather evil apartment. in hindsight, i'm just glad things started working again. i'm not even sure how i'd have told the maintenance people what was wrong..."yes, i need maintenance to come and fix my toilet." "there's a rather large clump of wilted yellow mums stuck in the drain-ish area." "no. i'm really not quite sure how they got there." "i think that they tried to escape and that was the closest exit." "i'll tell them not to do that in the future."

the odd misadventures of jim.

i've also realized that i can easily hook my camera up to my computer. yea!

think i have to sleep soon. yes...sleep is good. it is my friend.

"happy birthday to me. happy birthday to me. happy birthday to meeeeeeeee. happy birthday to me." -me



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