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14-10-2003 - 03:03

i want to go on a midnight picnic. i want to drive somewhere warm and go swimming at dawn. i want to dress warmly and look at the stars. all these things i will do when i finally meet someone new.

i had a rather good day today. only 3 days left out of my 8 day. and, after work, i had dinner with troy and jane. mmm...home cooked meals...jane made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and creme bruley (or how ever that's spelled since i know i spelled it wrong.) so good.

and, i saw a rather cute HVA ambulance guy. not hot by any means, but cute. it's nice to know that there's cute guys out there saving lives and such.

chill in the air. i could see my breath in the air as i walked to and from my car. partially cloudy. they should invent some holiday in the fall that involves mass quantities of fire works.

i'm drinking cold green tea right now. left out from last night. i wonder if it's still good? well, it tastes a tad odd, but still good. guess i'll finish off the pot.

i was thinking...when i have my own place in the future...not only will i have a library in it (shelves of books from floor to ceiling), but i also think i'll need a large cabinet with glassed in windows for all of my action figures. a green house. a claw foot bath tub. a fire place. dark velvet curtains to keep the sunshine out when i don't want to wake up. a small (but larger than my current) fish tank with many neon tetras. my drums set up maybe in the same room as my grand piano (that doesn't fit in my current residence). a walk in closet (one of my few "girly" things is that i have a lot of clothes). maybe a small wine cellar. hmmm...

i seem to have lost my remote somewhere in my apartment. i thought i had it while sitting on my bed typing here, but i can't seem to locate it anywhere in the immediate region of my bed.

currently watching the movie "you've got mail". i'm not sure why, but i love meg ryan movies. this one isn't that great, but i love "inner space", "addicted to love", and "french kiss". not a fan of that "sleepless in seattle" movie. though i like the idea of meeting someone on the top of the empire state building. and i like that it takes place partly in ny.

i think i need to find someone who will motivate me. motivate me to really do this back to school thing. motivate me to start playing the drums again. motivate me to keep doing art.

well, when there's nothing on television and this whole part of the world has been asleep for hours, i think it's time to turn in. likely won't go to sleep right away, but listen to music for a bit in the dark.

i'm really loving the "new" blink 182 song...

"fate fell short this time. your smile fades in the summer. place your hand in mine. i'll leave when i wanna..." -blink 182



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