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20-10-2003 - 04:01

so. i have cramps in both of my hands. i've been sewing my halloween costume. i planned on doing some of it during my 8 day work week, but just never seemed to get around to it.

the bad part is that cramps in your hands can't be stretched away as easily as ones in legs. the squishy part of the thumb muscles keep locking up. left hand's worse than the right.


going backwards in time...

i got an email today from someone i've not heard of for about 3 years. john just sent me this one lined email asking "so, where have you been?"

last night i went out with gordon and tori to some local bar and met up with their friend vic. turns out that vic and i lived in the same dorm in college and knew each other. "[jim], this is vic. vic, this is..." "hey! i know you!"

well, we all enjoyed the bar and then for no appearent reason, later decided to go to mexican town near the boarder. it's odd that while not leaving the country, when you turn onto service drive, you pass the large sign saying something to the effect of "welcome to michigan".

earlier in the day, aimee visited. we ended up going to the novi comic convention. i only have one question to this..."when did comic con patrons become hot?" i didn't go last year, and i haven't been to any decent sized comic cons for some time, but aimee and i were walking around and yes, there were a bunch of kids. yes, there were some inu yasha's frolicking about. but, there were also some guys there that looked out of place. i did buy some really great stuff though. and aimee and i met this really nice guy named john.

prior to that, friday night, i went over to sabastian's and dave's place. hmmm...yeah. not planning on doing that again any time soon. sabastian ended up leaving me there with dave who's always hitting on me. he ended up kissing me on the cheek and that's when it was suddenly time to go.

before that, thursday night, i went to my parents house. attempted to show my mother how to turn on her (my old) laptop. i wrote down specific steps on how to turn the computer on. log online. use ebay. turn the computer off. some might think that this is something easy. far from it. i think i may have had better luck teaching a chimp to do the same thing. "i open the laptop and it turns on?" "no. you open it and push the little grey button on the side. i drew a picture of it in case you forget which button it is." "...and then i'm on ebay?" "no. you need to get online first. i already set the connection up. made it easy for you. just click on the icon...the picture of the little telephones...that says 'get online here'." "and then i'm on ebay?" "no. then you have to click on the big blue 'e' on the bottom grey bar. ebay will automatically pop up on your screen. much like magic." "do you know how to turn the computer off?" "you just close it, right? like a cell phone?" "no. that will just leave it on with the computer closed. you have to....." the odd thing is that my mother is a very smart woman...just not when it comes to computers.

and this went on for hours.

washed a load of laundry last night. forgot that i had tissues in some pockets. even the lint speil couldn't delint everything. oh well. better luck next wash.

bit my lip today. actually the inside of my cheek. 24 years and i still haven't mastered the skill of walking and chewing gum.

"we're all we've got and we don't want to be alone." -weezer



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