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21-10-2003 - 02:47

ah. today was great. work went well. weather was amazing. warm out. slightly windy.

working on more of my costume. stupid hand sewing. stupid hands. they're not working properly...or at least haven't been fully trained in the art of sewing things in general. keep getting cramps in my general thumb areas. bet if i still played piano they'd not be so sore.

cartoon network changed their line up on me again. i like flcl, but it's only 6 eps, so i'm not sure what they're going to replace it with. i was a bit dissapointed by the android kikaider again. they could at least rotate outlaw star in there or something. maybe something new.

feck. finger's bleeding. evil hang nail.

what could be better than going to sleep with the window open in the middle of october. well, maybe if i could see the stars out my window...but, can't have everything.

other than that, i got an email today from comic con john. seems like a nice guy. gave me some suggestions on comics to look into.

on the topic of johns. john from my hometown called me on sunday, but i don't have his number to call him back. and, john from college emailed me again. he's back in the state for a spell and wants to hang out while he's here.

time to eat left-overs and work on my costume a bit more...

"i've watched the stars fall silent from your eyes. all the sights that i have seen. i can't believe that i believed, i wished that you could see. there's a new planet in the solar system. there is nothing up my sleeve. i'm pushing an elephant up the stairs. i'm tossing up punchlines that were never there. over my shoulder a piano falls, crashing to the ground. and all this talk of time. talk is fine. and i don't want to stay around. why can't we pantomime, just close our eyes...and sleep sweet dreams. me and you with wings on our feet..." -rem



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