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26-10-2003 - 03:03

happiness is....

getting an extra hour from daylight savings time.

having a super cool costume.

ryan and i went to a halloween party tonight. he was harry potter and i was haruko from flcl. i had everything. i made the vest. wore the black pants, the long sleeved white shirt, yellow gloves, white scarf, pink wig, goggles. all i needed was a guitar. maybe i'll come across one by halloween.

i currently do not have set plans for actual halloween. and i have the day off. so, i'll have to find something.

i've been in an even better than usual mood lately. the reason why i think was that i talked to andy the other day. just like back in college, talking to andy always makes things better. i do wish that he didn't live so very far away.

well, my grandmother is getting switched to some different type of chemo. something involving a plastic port in her arm that they'll inject the chemo into. she's doing fairly well health wise. the cancer hasn't really spread much more and she's feeling good. the other day when i visited, i helped her and my grandfather fix their fence in their yard. managed to bruise my hand, but it made both of them happy to have it fixed. i always love visiting them. it's nice to know that i can make them happier just by visiting for a few hours every week.

weather's a tad nasty. dreary rain for the past 2 days.

"escape from the sinking. do you see what i mean? freedom beats the kingdom and i saw you in my dream..." -the pillows



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