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29-10-2003 - 03:19

ever see/hear something that changes your life? not something that you directly interact with, but a movie you see, a song you hear on the radio? well, for me, that would be flcl. bit more liberated after watching it. worry a bit less after experiencing it. i've noticed that i'll hum or whistle the pillows songs from it when i'm walking about.

it made me realize that there's more out there. makes me want to get out and see the world. reminds me that anything is possible.

today was a really good day. i love the fall. red and orange leaves stuck to my car with the rainy mist.

my sister has her court date tomorrow/today. just a hearing. her sentencing will be later.

my grandmother had to go to the doctors today and get her chemo port fixed. all is well now.

brain's not working well tonight.

i went grocery shopping tonight after work. i actually really like grocery shopping. late at night grocery shopping. it's kind of fun. i also have a personal policy. never buy more at one time that i can carry out. i don't get carts. just a basket. i stop when either nothing else can possibly be jammed into the basket or it's too heavy to carry. may seem odd, but that's how i go about things. i really wouldn't mind going shopping every other day and just getting a few things. buying too many groceries ahead of time isn't always good. you never know what you'll be in the mood for tomorrow or the day after that. if you buy too much at once, then things get put in cabinets and forgotten for vast quantities of time. or maybe that's just me.

magic is in the air. something great is going to happen.

good morning world. in a way i'm just waking up to something new. gears are in motion to fling me out of the zone of comfort that i seem to have fallen into. being comfortable is good, but being too comfortable becomes routine. life is not routine. it should not be lived that way.

"with the kids sing out the future. maybe kids don't need the masters. just waiting for the little busters. oh yeah..." -the pillows



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