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06-11-2003 - 05:03

i've been away for a bit. now i am returning.

work, family illnesses, boredom (oddly enough) have kept me offline for a few days or so.

aunt's out of the hospital. grandmother's out of the hospital.

i was sitting in bed a little bit ago drawing. much fun. i realized how much i missed it. it's one of my many forms of "meditation". finding truth through simplicity. answers in black ink and white paper.

i've had a lot of things going on in the past month. i think the hurricane has finally passed and now i just have to sort through the remnants.

there is a lunar eclipse this saturday. i'm not sure at what time. odd things those lunar eclipses. moon dissapearing and such.

it seems like the whole world is asleep right now. no cars driving by. no police or ambulance sirens. no lights on in the apartments across the pond.

i was looking over my student loan account today. i think i may have it paid off in february. not bad really. in just about a year, i've paid off enough to have bought a new car (and a new new one...not just a new used one.)

slightly cold right now. sitting in bed wearing a slip over some jogging pants (i wear them as pajamas). i was just wearing the slip, but then i had to get something from my car and didn't want to go out in almost nothing.

i want to go to italy. just wander around the country for about a month. i want to find a better job. i want to fall asleep. i want to stay up all night drinking tea and sleep the day away. i want to eat lychee's. i want to go out when all i need to do is stay in and stay sane. i want to meet new and interesting people, but all i do is work and stay at home. i miss east lansing. i don't miss college, but i miss living in a college town. i met new and interesting people all the time.

i had decided that i couldn't wait around for someone to save me. i have saved myself. it took a few days, but i'm myself again. now all i need is to stir up some excitement around here. something new.

i'm growing bored with tonight.

until next time...

...the end.

"we're neither clear nor descript. we kept it safe and slow. the quiet things that no one ever knows. keep the blood in your head and keep your feet on the ground..." -brand new



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