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10-11-2003 - 03:28

this is my 4 day off weekend. i only have one every 3 months after my 7 and 8 day work weeks.

this is the end of day 3 (or what i consider day 3 since i haven't slept yet.)

my sister totaled her new car this weekend. her boyfriend was driving so he wasn't covered...hit the car in front of him because he was tail-gating and then the car behind him hit the car. so, now my parents have to pay $7,000 on a car that no one can drive. it was a 2002 vehicle and now it's undriveable. my sister and her boyfriend weren't hurt at all which is good, but the bad thing is that they never once apologized for wrecking a car that my parents still have to pay off.

i also spent 2 days at my parents house. i think that i have helped them work through a lot of their problems involving my sister. it just shouldn't be me that has to be the adult.

i'm out of honey. i'm on a big kick lately of drinking tea with honey.

so, back to what i was saying...i had all of these plans for this month with the fridays and saturdays, but ended up not going out really at all. it was a pretty tough month (i go by my work months). one of my pets died (maccaw). my sister was arrested. my aunt was hospitalized. my grandmother was hospitalized. problems with going back to school. problems with my sister interacting with my parents...i'm glad this past month is over.

things are getting better now. parents are getting along. aunt and grandmother are out of the hospital. my grandmother's cancer hasn't spread any more. school looks like it's going to work out. i plan to have my student loan paid off by the end of february. andy's coming back to michigan for a few days. and the lunar eclipse was amazing. start of something new.

not sure why, but i was thinking about a book i first read back in elementary school. it was my favourite book for ages. the first of the penguins. i kind of want to find it and re-read it.

"if what they say is 'nothing is forever', then what the exception? so why...are we so in denial when we know we're not happy here?..."-outkast



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