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11-11-2003 - 03:21

chat's still down.

anyways. i'm at the very end of my 4 days off. did some chores. visited my grandparents. hung out with gordon.

currently, i am sitting here watching some stuff about the "royal scandle". i'm about to put the kettle on and perhaps eat something. i'm also wearing a short black wig (which is very interesting). i haven't had short hair (really short hair) since elementary school. i'm kind of surprised that all of my hair (which is pretty long) fits under the wig without it looking odd.

watching flcl on cartoon network. i'm not really sure why, but naota reminds me of andy. i'll have to tell him that the next time i talk to him.

there was something from the flcl manga that i really liked. "the word 'entertainment' almost has the word 'retain' in it."

nothing amazing happens here. only the ordinary.

drinking tea. not wanting to sleep. not wanting to go back to work. i really wish that i knew japanese. i also really wish that i had all of the pillows albums. imported cd's are just too expensive.

think i'm going to find some food to go with my tea.

my mother was telling me this weekend that she thinks i should date a doctor or engineer. i was thinking that i don't think that i'd be the type that many of them would be looking for. i also don't think that many doctors or engineers like the same things i like. i tried to explain this to my mother, but she seems to think that none of that makes any difference. i guess it also doesn't help much that i still look like i'm in high school.

i should call aimee soon. see how she's doing.

time to evacuate. go to bed or something.

"spider. kike totta sono yokan wa. kakusanakuta tte ii nda. iro no tsuita yume mitai na. ride on shooting star. kokoro no koe de sandanju no yo ni. utai tsutzuketa...sniper...fuchi totta sono sekai ni. nani ga mieru tte iu n da. nerau mae sawaritai na. ride on shooting star. kimi o sagashite kindanshojo chu. uso o tsuita. ride on shooting star. kokoro no koe de sandanju no yo ni. utai tsutzuketa..." -the pillows

"spider. the taste of capturing something alive. you don't have to deny it. i want to dream in color. ride on shooting star. with the voice in my heart i sang out like a shotgun...sniper. at the edge of the world, what can you see? before i aim, i want to touch it. ride on shooting star. i was looking for you. through my withdrawl, i was lying. ride on shooting star. with the voice in my heart, i sang out like a shotgun..." -the pillows



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