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16-11-2003 - 03:42

days off and i'm staying home. i pulled or strained a muscle or tendon (nurses think i strained a tendon) in my shoulder yesterday. right now it hurts quite a bit. kind of feels like the fire of a thousand suns melting the area under my collar bone on my left side and stretching to the back of my shoulder. it keeps going from slight pain to not-using-arm pain.

gahhhhh! i can type just fine. i can move my lower arm just fine. i just can't move my shoulder. that's when things get painful. the odd thing is that it's fine if i move my left arm with my right arm...just not if i move my left arm on it's own.

oh. gordon finally got me to sign up for this thing. it's interesting. it's kind of six degrees of seperation + messenger + people browsing. it might be more interesting if i didn't have dial up.

i just finished watching "the big hit" on television. i forgot that i actually liked that movie.

i think i'm going to try and go to sleep soon. it's early, but maybe when i wake up my arm will be in proper working order.

i can't even think right now. it took a lot of effort to get through work today. well, hopefully i can sleep tonight. it's a bit hard to sleep when you can't position your arm in a way that doesn't cause pain.

"i stumbled on and all the world fell down and all the sky went silent. cracked like glass and slowly tumbled to the ground..." -soundgarden



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