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02-12-2003 - 02:08

so, i was at the mall today. while there, i saw a coat that looked almost exactly like the one i was wearing. mine i believe i bought from value village for either $4.50 or $4.75. the mall version was much much more. i then was at another shop and discovered that my collection of plaid skirts that i purchase from thrift shops for $1.00-$2.50 are now "in style". mall prices are just under $25.00. so, appearently this season covers the thrift shop look for non-thrift shop prices.

i just find it odd. i was made fun of constantly in junior high and high school for the way i dressed. now i'm suddenly trendy. and not just trendy, but mall trendy. i even saw people at the mall (and on bad sit coms) wearing dresses and skirts over pants. i'm just waiting for the rhinestones to come back. there was already the come back of the leather belts with the metal studs that i used to (sometimes still do) wear. oh...i do wish hats would come back. and not just any hats. i have a collection of hats that i've mainly picked up at antique shops.

it's extremely windy out right now. i haven't really been able to drive the fiero much for almost a week now. i still start it up every other day, but with the wind, i'm afraid it'll get blown off the road. still can't get the bloody fuel filter off. i have sprayed it with everything from butter flavoured pam cooking spray to engine cleaner to try and loosen it. no luck yet.

i was thinking of getting my sister a set of diamond earrings for christmas. she used to complain that she only had one set and double piercings in each ear. i think that diamond earrings would be a good gift. maybe she would wear them and want to take better care of herself. maybe she would dress nicer. look more natural. (loose the freakish blue contacts that are too small to cover her irises and the dark brown halos around them.) maybe she would stop getting tattoos. or at least get more tastefull ones. my theory...if you're going to get kanji engraved into your flesh...research it first. that and perhaps get your tattoos applied by someone who is asian or knows kanji. and if you're going to get bad kanji engraved into you, you should at least put it somewhere where people who actually know kanji aren't going to look at it and hope you got it for free. ah. done venting.

i had some tasty ice cream today. actually sherbert (or however you spell it). my mother keeps pointing out that they're distinctly different. oh well. anyways, it was lychee flavoured. soooooooooooo good.

it's a bit odd. i like visiting my grandparents and do so every week...and when i visit, they always feed me. it's odd, but i think that it makes my grandmother feel better making me food. and i don't visit for the food. i enjoy the food, but it's not the reason i visit. but, every time i show up, my grandmother makes something for me to eat...even when i tell her that i've already eatten. everything she cooks is really really tasty...except for the squash i tried today. noodles were great. azuki beans were great. ice cream was great (store bought). the tea was great. the sugared beans were great. the squash was ookie. tasted a tad...and then downed a cup of tea in seconds. it's also nice to know that i can make my grandparents laugh and all i have to do is make a funny face from eatting something not good. the only problem is that them laughing was making me laugh and i almost choked when i inhaled the tea. then there was coughing and laughing. i'm just glad i didn't spatter tea everywhere.

oh...and my mother told me again that i should marry andy. i informed her that people who get married usually date first. she said that not everyone does and that shouldn't stop me from marrying him. all i can say is that she's persistent. i do find it funny that both my mother and roommate think i should date the same person.

i just tell my mother that she should focus her efforts on christina. and, her sentencing date is coming up. dec. 17th.

great. it's late now and i forgot to call dan and gordon.

blah. i don't want to work this week. 7 days straight. good thing it's not my 8 day.

"would it be too much to ask? too much too fast? i'm all alone and i want you here with me. i'm not the best at romance. i've had my chance. i don't want much, but i want you here with me. i want you here with me. why can't you just see? i want you here with me. i'm on the other side now. please help me out. catch the next plane because i want you here with nme. could i be out of my head? pronounced brain dead? i think with my heart, and i want you here with me." -mxpx



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