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11-12-2003 - 03:33

i bought a phone today. my first experience in the mobile owning world and my phone doesn't seem to work right. seems that they gave me one that someone must have taken back. so, before work, i have to make them give me a new one. then i have 14 days to "cash it in" if the world of phones just isn't for me. i already used a ton of minutes today just talking to the customer service guy who after a long while informed me that he had no idea how to make my phone work properly and i should just take it in and exchange it. grrrrrr....

this is also another "weekend" (my 2 days off) where i didn't fix my car. i was going to work on it today, but it was all rainy and ick out. fuel filter of evilness...

i've also spent much more time that i should have to put some japanese characters on my computer. it's so much more fun to see icons say "my computer" in japanese.

it doesn't feel like christmas is approaching. i've still not bought gifts yet. i've only picked up a few small things. currently no plans for the new year. maybe i'll do nothing. seems to be my holiday pattern.

some good news though...there's an fbi agent that my grandfather talkes to who wants to speak with me. finally...progress.

current things that are bad: my grandmother has been feeling more ill lately. my sister is going to jail on the 17th for a yet to be determined period of time. the fiero still has an old rusted on fuel filter. day one and i'm already having mobile problems. i still have to set up an orientation time with wayne state. my work boots are falling apart. still have gifts to buy. still owe on my student loan.

current things that are good: progress with the fbi. i know some of the gifts that i'm going to buy people and where to get them at. i have a crush on someone. i have japanese characters on my computer. i had an amazingly good home cooked meal grandmother made ribs and some other things today. the fiero is still running. my orchids are doing quite well.

current things that are undecided: my owning a mobile phone. the fact that i have a crush on andy.

this andy thing is really starting to bother me. i'm 99.998% sure that he is not interested in me...and even if he was, he lives a million miles away. i haven't heard from him in days. i wonder if he caught on and is avoiding me. or if he's just extremely busy with finals. i keep thinking about him and it's kind of freaking me out. i'm not used to thinking of him outside of the friend category. i'm starting to think that i shouldn't say anything and just wait for it to pass. it very well may before i see/talk to him next. who knows. that's the odd and sometimes good thing about crushes...they change like the seasons.

i don't want to get up early tomorrow and deal with phone things before work. grrrr...hmmm...tomorrow (today's) thursday. i should make plans for the weekend...

well, it's time for some tea and some sleep. no more staying up past 6am with nothing on but zoids.

"i'm the one who wants you more than anything. you don't feel the same way, you made it clear to me...but i'll stand my ground and maybe you'll hear what i've been saying. after all i've said and all i've done. i'm the one, who's been here for you all along..." -descendents



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