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12-12-2003 - 04:24

phone number 3 is going back tomorrow. i took in phone 1 and was given phone 2. phone guy put the chip in and made sure it worked, then handed it to me. the screen went blank. i couldn't turn it back on. phone guy couldn't turn it back on. i was then given phone 3. phone 3 doesn't work properly either. it was "fuzzy" sounding until i dropped it. the fuzzy sound has since stopped. i'm slightly afraid that dropping a phone makes it work better and wonder if there's something loose that was knocked into place when the phone made contact with the table. i think that 3 phones in 24 hours is a sign that i am not ready to jump into the world of mobile phones. as of tomorrow, i have 13 days left to take it back.

grrrr...appearently mobile phones, dvd players, and answer machines do not like me. i do well with computers, televisions, vcr's both vhs and beta, radio's, etc. so, at least it's not an all electronics problem. and the answer machine problem has to do with the blue lightening bolts that leap from my finger tips. now i always touch metal before hitting the play button and i've not had any more problems.

it's a tad cold in my bedroom right now. tea's helping, but not with my feet being cold.

i've also decided that if andy doesn't contact me by the end of saturday...i'm not going to say anything to him about the whole crush thing. normally i'd tell someone if i was interested in them in any way. this is just odd. i'd have to say that usually (and i assume that this is how it is for most people even if they don't admit it) when i first meet people, i know right away if i'd ever date them or not. and in this case, i never thought i'd be interested.

i currently have no plans aside from work for this weekend. i should find something to do. or maybe i'll just stay home. just over half of my co-workers are ill right now. i'd rather catch up on some sleep and not get ill.

i just realized that it's been almost a year since i last hung out with john and wendy. i really need to work on keeping up with people.

trying to decide if i should cut my hair. not super short. maybe just 4 or 5 inches. it would still be middle of shoulder blade length then.

well, it's late. and i have to get up early and take my phone in and see what they can do...

"it's funny how i find myself in love with you. if i could buy my reasoning i'd pay to lose. one half won't do. i've asked myself, how much do you commit yourself? it's my life. don't you forget. it's my never ends. funny how i blind myself. i never knew if i was sometimes played upon. afraid to lose..." -no doubt



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