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22-12-2003 - 01:43

my phone has me so annoyed that i actually was sitting on the floor in my living room for over an hour of nothing. think it is going back again. people can't leave voice mail when my phone is off or out of range. i also can not check my voice mail.

ghosts from the past. misguided holiday. work place chaos. adult swim. chilled air. lessons not learned. paths not taken. lack of sleep. things on pause. new toys. strange dreams. lost weekend...

today was an odd day. sunny and warm. end of december and i was walking around without a jacket. everything felt crisp clean and new.

not much to say. heh. my calander is still on january. i'm only a few months off. i need food. i need something to happen.

"if i promise to go to church on sunday, will you go with me on friday night? if you live with me i'll die for you...and this compromise...and this compromise. it's a compromise" -greenday



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