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27-12-2003 - 04:23

recapping on my past few days...

i had a great holiday. my grandmother was feeling great. my sister wasn't in jail. there was tons of food. the night before, my parents and i watched disk 1 of the tick series (the one ryan got me). the roads weren't even icy. it snowed during x-mas dinner. everyone loved what i got them. i think that that was the best thing. my sister loved her earrings and said that she was only going to take them out on her weekends that she has to go to jail. when she opened them she jumped up and hugged me. it's the first time in a long time that she's done anything to show she cares about anyone in our family.

things just keep getting better.

my grandmother's decided she's going to stay with chemo. my sister got a job at a chinese buffet place. my uncle has decided to try what he's always wanted to and has quit his job and may start working for the big brothers and big sisters organization. the "service engine soon" light has turned off on my borrowed car. i've been getting a lot of compliments lately. things keep popping up that may help me in the future. i'm going back to school in about 2 weeks (i don't really look forward to it, but it will be good for me and i figure that i'll enjoy it once i get into that whole new routine). my phone is still working well. andy invited me snowboarding (even though i don't know how to and have to work anyways).

i can't wait till ryan gets back. then i can give him the rest of his gift and the cool gift my parents got him (i had to wrap it though...and he'll be able to tell since i'm not very talented in the gift wrapping category).

i still don't know what i'm doing for new years eve, but i'm sure i'll find something. jay mentioned something and i asked him to email me details, but i haven't heard from him yet on it.

well, well, well. sore arm. cold feet. full stomach. happy thoughts. realized potential. sad fiero. hot kettle. chapped lips. cut lip. new cd. red fingernails. warm bed.

"i see. i want. i reach. i fail to hold the things that i need. i turn to reach for you. i want to touch out lives before it fades like a burning car in the sun, we flame for the all in plain view..." -everclear



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