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28-12-2003 - 04:13

the sky looked like it was on fire today. a blaze of reds and pinks overtaking the pale blue. amazing...

i recently got out of the shower. i took slightly over a half hour shower. now my hair won't dry for at least an hour. now i'm wearing a black tank top and a short pink thrift shop slip. i must say that i'm a big fan of thrift shop slips. at least the skirt-type ones. they make excellent pajama bottoms.

drinking tea. looking about my room and trying to decide if i'm motivated enough to clean up some tonight.

i finally talked to aimee. i called her when i got out of work. she called me back and left a message (i don't like to use my phone while i'm driving). i then called her back and she was still there. it's about time. well, we don't yet have plans to hang out, but we both have rather odd/bad schedules.

i do have new years eve plans now. i'm going to jay's. i still need to ask jay if it's ok if i a) bring someone and b) if i can stay the night if i need to. i do want to see if andy wants to come. i also have to work the next day.

the cut on the inside of my lip is causing me pain. stupid evil candy cane. i swear that it attacked me completely unprovoked. i do believe that i am likely the only person to be cut by not only a candy cane, but (not recently) the tin foil cover to yogurt, and not the metal cutty thing on the box of plastic wrap...but actual plastic wrap.

meah. time for me to get ready for bed...

"all the things we talk about, you know they stay on my mind...on my mind. and all the things we laugh about, they'll bring us through it every time...after time, after time. don't say a word. i know you feel the same. just give me a sign...say anything, say anything. please don't walk away. i know you wanna stay. just give me a sign...say anything, say anything..." -good charlotte



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