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07-01-2004 - 02:41

two days left of my eight day work week. i'm starting to feel better. illness may even be gone by my days off. i was actually ill enough where i'm currently taking medicine. even if it is over the counter stuff.

bitter cold out. it's cold with an even colder wind.

everything is going quite well lately...except for the fact that i like someone who isn't interested in me and lives far far away. it's one of those things where i think that if we ever hung out again, everything would work out. but, as of now, he's not even talking to me. i'm not sure if he knows that i like him, but i kind of think that he does. i think that he does and he's just avoiding talking to me so that i don't tell him and make things weird. maybe he knows, and is not interested, and just hopes it will pass and things can go back to how they were. and maybe that will happen. i just find myself wanting to talk to him. and wanting to talk to others about him. grrrr.... it's too bad that he's cute, likes anime, has good taste in music, skates, is smart, is a nice guy, likes a lot of the same movies as me...i wonder if things would be better if he wasn't so cute and nice. i wonder if he's seeing someone right now. i wonder if he ever thinks about me.

well, maybe i'll meet someone in class. my class starts tuesday. things will be interesting. there's also a guy at work who's interesting. not someone i'm interested in, but maybe he has some cute but smart friends. that would help with my current problem.

well, i'm off to bed. still trying to get over illness. i still likely won't end up sleeping for another couple of hours...but, it's worth a try.

"i need some meaning i can memorize. the kind i have always seems to slip my mind...but you...but you, you write such pretty words. but life's no story book. love is an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt..." -bright eyes



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