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12-01-2004 - 03:01

today was an interesting day. i was up early. out of the house early. had lunch with my parents and grandparents at the sushi place (appropriately named "happy sushi"). made it to work amazingly early. work went well. headed home. stopped at blockbuster. bought some more dvd's. went home. ate leftover udon...

once again, i should go to sleep, but i'm not tired.

i find it kind of funny how many guys i come across while at work that give me the worst pick-up lines. and guys who say things like "you can arrest me any time" and "a cute girl like you shouldn't be in this line of work". yeah...why can't i get a decent guy who doesn't seem overly skeezy to ask for my number? just the odd guys. i even have guys start talking to me in grocery stores and at stop lights. oh well...

drinking tea.

being lonely.

being lonely isn't really a bad thing. it's not a good thing or a bad thing. and it's not a constant thing...just every once and a while, i'd like to curl up in bed with someone...wake up and drink coffee with someone.

maybe i will go to sleep a bit early tonight. have more dreams of someone far far away. maybe i just won't dream at all tonight.

"tonight, i don't want to feel wonderful. tonight, i don't want to feel bad. cause tonight will be the night of my dreams. tonight i won't feel anything..." -deep blue something



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