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14-01-2004 - 03:22

i now hate tuesdays.

i go to work for 3 hours, then head out to class in detroit from ann arbor. i have exactly 1 hour to get to wayne state, park, and run to class. i will miss every quiz. luckily they're only 10% of the grade. if i 4.0 the exams and the paper i'll still be able to get a b in the class. one of the most boring classes ever. criminal investigation. i already investigate crimes. then i write police reports on them. i've been doing this for over a year and a half. grrrrr... i just have to keep telling myself that i can do this and that it won't kill me. i hope that there's a break sometime during class. as the plan is now, i can't eat from 2pm when work starts to 8:55pm. i could try to eat while driving, but the way people drove today during rush hour, i'd be afraid to.

i also smashed my toe today. ever smash your toe and have to look at it because it doesn't feel like it's there anymore? yeah...feeling didn't come back to it for about an hour after the smashing. then the feeling that came back was pain. pain and blood. seems i dislodged part of the nail. i hate tuesdays.

i feel a bit ill right now. my blood sugar is still off. i ate when i got home. got sleepy, but not good sleepy. drank some orange juice. things are starting to level off now...

to counteract the evils of tuesday, i think i'm going to have to work on a more spike spiegel way of life.

well, enough for now...

"i wonder if you're listening. picking up on the signals sent back from within. sometimes it feels like i don't really know what's going on. time and time again it seems like everything is wrong in here...but there's still tomorrow. forget the sorrow, and i can be on the last train home. watch it pass the day. as it fades away. no more time to care. no more time today..." -lost prophets



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