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27-01-2004 - 02:51

well well well.....

to start with, i talked to andy last night. i ended up talking to him for about 3 hours. probably killed off most of his remaining phone minutes. we talked about visiting and such. laughed about cartoon network.

then today at work, i was out in the car all day. i didn't get in any accidents, or slip and fall in the "winter weather hazard" weather, but then after making it all day, when i got home, i slipped and messed up my left knee. yep. missing some skin there. kinda miss it.

i'm pretty sure i'm going to miss my class quiz tomorrow. with the bad weather and all, there's no way i can make it there in time.

i was looking at a house online today. not that i can afford one, but there's this great one in royal oak. all wood floors, lots of windows...i really wish i had my own place. this does remind me that the lease for this apartment is up in a few months. i think it's up in march. i wonder what ryan and i are going to do. i should probably talk with him about it sometime soon.

i actually saw an episode of futurama that i haven't seen before. it was the episode where fry gets worms from a truck stop mens room machine egg sandwich.

well, i guess i should read the stuff for class even if i am going to miss the quiz. that and i should eat something yummy and put the kettle on.


"big black boots, long brown hair, she's so sweet with her get back stare. well i could see, you home with me, but you were with another man, yea! i know we, ain't got much to say, before i let you get away, yea!" -jet



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