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28-01-2004 - 02:46

another day of class...

i was late today. not by much, but enough where i would have missed the quiz...except for the fact that the prof was 5 minutes later than i was. so, this is working out well. 100 percent on two quizzes, 5 left, and he's going to drop out two worst ones.

i was surprised that classes weren't canceled...the whole winter storm warning and such. it's going to take me forever to unbury my car tomorrow. i'm also positive that the evil apartment people won't have the walks or drives cleared in the least bit.

two day of work left till my 4 days off. i can't wait.

i've been doing a bit of on and off cleaning over the past couple of days. i haven't accomplished much.

soon here i'm going to have to test out my dvd burner. i'm definitely going to have to burn copies of a couple of the dvd's i watch a lot. i take care of them for the most part, but every once and a while i leave them flipped upside down on the edge of my dvd player. this also reminds me that i'm going to have to solve my cd burning issue. my flcl soundtrack is getting a bit worn. i think that it's the cd player in the saturn. i think that it's scratching them when i put them in. grrrr....

my orchids are still alive, though i don't know for how long. they need sunlight, and the only place they can get it is on my window sill. the only problem with that is the cold air that streams through the edges of the window. someday i'd love to have tons of orchids, some bonsai's, and a japanese maple or two.

i need to eat more oatmeal. with under 2 dollars and some upc symbols, i can get a colour changing plastic bowl with dinosaurs on it. some people may find it odd that someone my age would be interested in something like that, but i'm the type of person who still loves finding toys in my cereal and wishes cracker jacks still had non-paper surprises in it.

well, that's about it for tonight. i'm not going to bed for a while since it's still early. even with the knee injury (which is no longer poofy), i've been in a good mood since talking to andy.

i do wonder what it would be like if my live was a television series. would people watch and say things like "no! don't do that!" or "she's ment to hook up with the guy from that last episode" or "i can't believe she did that. if i were her, i wouldn't have done that."...

"i'm standing in your corridor. i wonder what i'm waiting for. the leaves are drifting out to sea. i'm waiting for you desperately. all things beautiful. all things beautiful. i want everything. i want everything..." -cracker



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