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25-02-2004 - 01:11

so...i had my midterm today. soon i have to start writing my paper for that class.

where are things right now? well, the saturn is fixed. i still haven't bought new tires for the fiero. i'm down to owing only $4,000 on my student loan. i'm unsure about my future living situation.

on the topic of my living situation. ryan still hasn't heard from wayne state. ryan says that he should know by mid march. our lease is up at the end of march. so, i guess our only choice is to pay extra and rent by the month. ryan pretty much will be moving out as soon as april (i figure since he'll know what's going on by then) or, if he is accepted to wayne, maybe as late as september. i know he can't plan anything until then, but it really makes things difficult for me. i don't know if i'm going to be able to find a roommate "instantly" ('cause who knows when ryan will be moving out) or if i will have to live by myself. if i get a roommate, i'd like to live with a guy. not a dating possibility guy, but i tend to live better with guys than girls. guys seem to be more predictible. andy said that he doesn't think i should live with some random guy. i like that he sounded worried when i mentioned possibly having to find a roommate, preferably a guy.

...and, on the topic of andy. he called and left a message the other day and i called him back, but just got his voice mail. well, the boy was snowboarding, kluncked out and was taken to the er by ambulance. said he had a concusion (likely spelled wrong) and had a cat scan and such. then what does he do? he gets discharged from the er and goes straight to his hockey game. said that he was just extra careful not to schwack his head again. said that the er doctor said it would be alright as long as he avoided hitting his head. the boy is insane.

back to the living situation. i think it would be weird living alone. weird and expensive. i'd miss the cathedral ceilings that we have here. that and i have little to no furniture. i have two bookshelves that are currently in my bedroom. i have a small table that is about a foot and a half off the ground that is very alter-like. i have a bed consists of a futon mattress on the floor. i have 3 wine racks of various sizes. i have a small metal and marble table that is about two feet off of the ground and has a round top only large enough to hold my photo printer. i have a wood jewelry chest that is about four feet tall and barely contains all of my jewelry (mostly rhinestone stuff that i've collected over the years). i have a black metal clothing rack that i bought off of a department store that closed out. i have a life sized cardboard cutout of indiana jones. that's all the furniture i own...and yes, i consider indy a furniture article since he takes up furniture sized room space. i do not own anything to sit on. i do not own any coffee/side tables.

i would like to eventually own some decent book shelves. i would like to own furniture. i somehow feel like owning furniture is like becoming an adult...without the actual acting like an adult. i was thinking that on a plus side for the living alone...i could stroll around in my underwear all the time. that and if i ever bought furniture, i could have an uber cool apartment.

i dropped my mobile today. it hit the concrete. not much damage. just some slight cuts on the bottom edge.

talked to andy again. (our after witch hunter conversations). i find it odd that we'll sit there on the phone doing our own thing and talking like we're in the same room. i miss takkun.

time for some chocolate milk.

"take another chance now. i took mine. you've got something to think about. i don't have the time..." -filter



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