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04-03-2004 - 03:11


i ended up with an a- on my midterm. i find it funny that my class goes by letter grades. i probably would have done better, but i didn't really study. i also went to class, so that automatically drops my grade...i think that i loose intelligence from being in that class.

my friend troy also gave me his old playstation. so, today i bought three games and now i'm hooked.

my family keeps asking me when i'm "going to meet a nice guy and get married". i just tell them "i don't know". one of these days i'm going to say "never. i'll never get married. i plan on becoming an old hag with 97 cats. i'll never leave my house and entertain myself by talking to a wall." oh well.

i finally bought new tires for the fiero. soon i'll have to buy a new muffler for the saturn. i still have to keep about a thousand dollars set aside for class next semester (with books this last one was about 900). my student loan is down to just under $4000.

the cuts on my hands are healing. it's been over a week since i received them. stupid evil car with the sharp trim needing me to unlock it.

my allergies are bad today. bought some allergy eyedrops. right eye keeps on watering.

well. today i went to the mall. got a new battery for my watch. bought the games. went to the japanese food store and stocked up on my little canned coffees. they've been out of lychee ice cream for a few months now. i hope they buy some more soon. i also visited my grandparents. my grandfather left after a bit because he has some political meeting that he goes to every month, so i hung out with my grandmother. she as always made me some food and then kept finding more things for me to "try". good good stuff. she's been feeling really good since christmas eve. not like when she was on the other chemo. i think she actually eats more than i do.

i did have a delicious dream the other night. one of those dreams where you wake up and feel refreshed and happy the next morning (or afternoon in my case.) all the dream was, was a certain someone visiting and us falling asleep curled up on my futon mattress on the floor. i think that i was thinking about him because i still haven't found a gift for him for his birthday (which is in a few days).

"itami no nai taikutsu ni obore so da..." -the pillows

"it's like we're drowning in numb boredom..." -the pillows



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