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10-03-2004 - 05:31

modern day romance. i can picture it now. instead of two people looking at the same star or "looking up at the same moon"'s two people watching the same show on adult swim.

i haven't played my ps1 for two nights now. i think i'm going into withdrawls. i am seriously addicted to final fantasy 8. "i'll just play unti 3am and then go to sleep." then at 4am..."i'm just going to play until the next save point then i'll go to sleep." then at 5am my eyes will hurt and i finally turn the thing off. it's a good think i don't have a sex life 'cause this would definitely interfear with it.

i'm starting up fencing again. it's still freezing outside, but i think that i'll be able to put up with the cold.

i was talking to some new people in chat today and the topic had come up about sleeping in cars and such. i'd almost forgotten when i slept out in the fiero. wasn't really bad though. i remember freezing at night and waking up in almost unbearable heat. i also remember when i lived in that duplex in lansing. rent for the whole place was $117 and i didn't have to pay. there were the crack dealers who lived in the bottom half of the duplex and the guy who used to sing almost every evening. i also remember for a while sneaking in through the guys bathroom window and staying on the floor at doug's dorm room. it's amazing that i'd completely forgotten things like that. the best was the whole eatting one pack of ramens per meal for 3 people for a while. sometimes throwing hotdogs into the ramens. it's funny how long ago that all seems...

i'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. as soon as it's warm enough, i really am going to finally change the fuel filter in my car. i keep putting it off, but it really has been too cold to really want to work on it and the car is still running...

i had an amazing day today. nothing in particular, but it was just one of those days where every song on the radio was good, i felt great, i felt that i looked good, i was checked out by a cute guy at the gas station, i bought really good ice cream on sale. everything just went well. i did great on my quiz in class today. i forgot to get money from the atm (cash back from kroger transactions) for the parking structure at wayne state, but then found enough money in my bag. just great.

the only bad thing about today has been my poor eatting habits. usually i eat a lot of good food. today i woke up and had a tv dinner. i also had a can of soup that i didn't bother heating up, some ice cream, and a pudding. normally i eat a lot better than that.

sparkley silver nail polish. maybe it will last for a day or two. my nails are almost long enough for them to click on my keyboard. just a tad of white at the tips. almost time for me to bite them off again.

i'm not really tired, but my eyes don't want to stay open. i'm watching some bad late night movie. not really paying too much attention to it.

well, since i really didn't sleep last night browsing case studies, i think i will turn in a tad early tonight. and maybe i'll start my day off tomorrow when i wake up with some ice cream...

"you see me now a little bit clearer. the face i make when i'm looking in the mirror. it gives me away, the things that i say. you think you know where i'm coming from. the words i say when i'm playing dumb. it gives me away. it gives me away..." -local h



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