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11-03-2004 - 03:19

i will likely see takkun around easter when he comes back to michigan for the holiday. i really can't wait to see him.

i hope that when i see him i will know what to say to him, or if to say anything at all. what makes me worry more is that i was out a few weeks ago with a friend from college who has never hit on me before, and then out of nowhere he ended up kissing me. now things are a bit weird between us. i wonder if this is what will happen with takkun. i'd hate to hit on him and have him freak out.


after i send out another cheque tomorrow, i'll only owe about $2,980 on my student loans.

i keep seeing previews of the movie hellboy. i can't wait till that comes out. i'm going to have to see it. i really like the trend of movies being made based on comic books. it makes me think of the anime being made based on the manga. but i really liked spiderman, and the league of extraordinary gentleman.

more of my usual randomness...

i actually bought some hair product today. not just the usual shampoo and rinse that i usually get, but i bought some stuff that looks like hair gel that's for curly hair. it's not sticky like gel and smells a bit like candy. guess it's supposed to help split ends and condition curls and such.

i visited my grandparents today. it's always fun. they feed me tons of great things and tell me interesting stories.

i also took a shower today just after witch hunter robin and my hair still hasn't dried yet.

if i start playing final fantasy now, i won't be going to sleep until after the sun comes up again. must not turn the ps1 on.

i think that i will locate a snack, put the kettle on, and watch a movie for a bit. then study some japanese. maybe i'll make a grilled cheese or something. perhaps blue boxed mac and cheese.

"why bother. it's gonna hurt me. it's gonna kill when you desert me. this happened to me twice before. it won't happen to me anymore..." -weezer



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