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15-03-2004 - 04:06

catching up...

well, i've been ill for the past few days. sinus evilness. i finally started feeling like myself tonight at work.

in the past fews days...

friday night i ended up going out with ryan and jay to the club in ann arbor. this was good since i was feeling ill and didn't want to drive much. on my drive home that night, i saw a shooting star. this brilliant blaze of light streaking across the sky. i wanted to see more, but there was only that one. saturday i woke up early and had lunch with my family at happy sushi for my grandmothers birthday. then work, and home. i didn't go out and just ate ice cream (didn't feel like eatting real food for the past 2 days), talked on the phone, and curled up in bed with tons of blankets. then today, i went to work and 3/4 through, i started to feel better. enough like myself that i ended up buying m&m's and mt. dew for a snack. then tonight after work, i went over to troy and jane's and had dinner. the odd thing is that ryan and i talked about odd food products the other day and then tonight i had buffalo. tasty stuff.

something weird.

something that i find weird/odd is that beckie and mike are getting divorced. divorce is a fairly common thing now days, but what kind of freaks me out is that the day they got married (last year), ryan and i ended up at the reception hall early. we were there early enough that we had time to visit the nursery type thing that was in the parking lot across the street. i ended up buying a plant there. my plant is still alive. my plant has outlived a marriage. beckie said that they are parting on "good terms", i just hope that everything works out for them seperately. they recently bought a house together, they have puppies, and things. it's got to be amazingly difficult to have to split a life up like that.

last night on the phone, auriel asked me about andy. i've finally decided what's going to happen with that. if i don't end up seeing him when he's in town for easter, i'm just going to end up dating someone else. if i see him and i think that there's any chance that he's interested in me dating wise, i'll say something to him and see how things turn out. if i see him and i don't see any chance of him being interested in me, then i'll just let it go and find someone else.

i think i'm going to go to bed soon. i'm not tired, but...

god. i just saw a preview of the movie "the punisher". fecking amazing. they're picking some really great comics to make into movies. the punisher...hellboy...the only thing now is that i need to find someone to watch those movies with. some people might not think that those are good "date movies", but i can't think of any that would be better.

i find myself slightly worried about money lately. i owe just under $3,000 on my student loans. i need to have enough money to live on and pay rent and such. i need enough money to pay for class next semester. i need to save up money for possibly moving out into my own place soon (few months). i think that once my loan is paid off i'll be fine. then i'll actually be able to save up money again. there was a time when i actually had $10,000 in the bank. it's a good feeling to have money. right now i have a bit, but only a small fraction of what i had before. if anything comes up, depending on what it is, i may or may not be able to pay for it.

there's been odd weather lately. rain, snow, sun, clouds, sleet, hail...all in only a few hours. that and it's been fairly windy the past few days.

i also want to be famous. not really famous, and i'm not sure what for, but locally famous. seems like it would have all of the perks of being famous without the down side.

i really hope it warms up soon. my orchids aren't doing so well with the constant weather changes. i do know that my grandmother wants to go to one of the upcoming michigan orchid shows.

anyways...i did say i was going to try and go to sleep early...

"will i be happy on the back of the shelf. will you be happy when we're sharing a cell. spare me your questions since you know me so well. someday you'll realize that i get shy and i choke up..." -foo fighters



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