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23-03-2004 - 04:40

so...there's a resident at the hospital that has asked me out. i'm not sure if it's a date type thing or not...i think that he may just be looking for someone cool to hang out with (that's assuming that i am in fact "cool"). he first invited me out for coffee and has now asked if i want to see a movie with him on wednesday. i met him saturday at work. i ran into him the first time while we were waiting for a helicopter to land to assist on the off-load. the conversation started with bicycles and moved to motorcycles and he said that he had one. i mentioned that i didn't, but wanted one but did not have a license. he offered to take me out on his bike when he gets it out in a week or two. helicopter lands and we're waiting for it to cool down and he asks if i have a pager or any way he can contact me when he gets his bike out. i gave him my work email not really thinking that he'd email me. then we took the patient off and parted. then, a few hours later at the other helipad, i was called to assist on another off-load. i'm out there waiting for the helicopter to land and he pops out for the assist as well. i think that he said something about how clear the sky was (it was dark out already) and i mentioned something about how i thought (pointing to a bright object in the sky) that was venus. he said that it could be, but he didn't know much about astrology. i didn't say anything and a minute later he said that he ment astronomy and that i must think that he was dumb (or something to that effect). so, we've been emailing for the past couple of days. so, now i may or may not end up hanging out with this guy who is so far a rather interesting motorcycle riding, chinese backgrounded, resident at the hospital. i'm not really sure why, but i'm a little leery of hanging out with people who i don't really know who are interested in hanging out with me. usually i intiate random hangings out or at least know the person through a friend...

i also haven't heard from takkun in three days. i haven't seen him since i think november. i still have his x-mas and birthday gifts that he told me to hold onto until he sees me. he will be in michigan for the easter holiday which is soon, so what's a few more weeks? but, if fate has it that i don't see him this time when he's home, i'm giving up and moving on. he was home for x-mas and i didn't see him, but he did call me at my parents house and talk for a couple of hours on a couple of days.

i currently have a bunch of red lobster gift certificates (that can also be used at olive garden) and a set of free movie tickets. i've had them for some time now and i'm almost afraid that i'll never go out and get to use them.

i also have glittery red nails right now. nail polish never seems to last at work. i always seem to peel off half of it doing vehicle unlocks or restraining people. i also have tues/wed off. two days of freedom (and class) and then i start my eight day work week. blah...


the singer from the band maroon five looks like will. he even dresses like him a bit. will was cute, but definitely had issues. but then that describes most of my ex-boyfriends...

i'm noticing a lot more famous people wearing rhinestones. music videos, interviews and such.

oh. other news. yesterday (the 21st) was my fathers 50th birthday. a lot of family and food. then i had to go to work.

and, once my new cheque is cashed for my student loan, i'll only owe $1,800.

i should probably try sleeping soon...

oh...and there's 5 planets visible to the naked eye right now...

" they told me to write a letter back home, cuz they all would miss me. they said i was 'round here in their hearts, but somebody missed me. someday i'll be gone. don't remember when my ship takes off. someday i'll disappear from the world and i won't take long to write a note to you...i want you to be my friend. where i'm going i can take you with me. we'll go to the moon and beyond. write a letter to your family." -warmth



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