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25-03-2004 - 03:14


i went out with the guy i'm going to call md for now. he's the type of guy most girls would love to date. he drives a nice car (lexus), will be a licensed doctor when his residency is done in i think 10 weeks, has a television the size of my car (slightly exaggerated), loves to travel, snowboards, plays tennis, plays guitar, has a motorcycle, likes anime...and i felt out of place a bit.

we ended up getting coffee, uber expensive japanese food carry out, and rented a movie. he's a great guy, holds doors open, grabbed my arm and walked me around a puddle that i wasn't paying attention to...just a really nice guy.

this whole date thing was both good and bad. i called takkun today while i was waiting for md. i wanted to tell him that i had exchanged his birthday gift for something even better (i think he'd recently bought what i first got him). and like most of our phone conversations, i'm the one who tries to hang up first. "ok...well, i'll let you get back to what you were doing" and then he'll say ok and start up another conversation. he also told me about how he's hanging out with a bunch of his female friends and how there's this girl in that group that he thinks is hitting on him. he said that he was hanging out with all the girls and somehow he ended up alone with the one girl, and then he tried to play it down. "she's hits on everyone" and how he hopes it doesn't happen again. all the while he's saying this i'm sitting there feeling slightly bothered by this. that's when i realize that i'm actually jealous of this girl i've never even met. not a good feeling.

so, i'm out with md and thoughts of takkun keep popping up in my head. "takkun hasn't tried sushi before. i should take him here sometime." "md seems to have decent taste in movies...wooo...this blockbuster has a lot of anime. i wonder if takkun's seen any of these before." then i was thinking about how takkun's on my blockbuster account. we signed up together back when we both lived in bailey hall. md was talking about snowboarding and i was thinking about how i can't believe that takkun goes out snowboarding by himself...and what if he gets hurt again and no one sees it happen? ahhhhhhhh!

"our universe is doomed...doooooomed!"

tomorrow (since i haven't gone to sleep yet) i start my 8 day work week. grrrr....

"by the time they started showing up, i ran the risk of blowing up. these times, these times get though. so it i stay we're going to see who's had enough. by the time i needed backing up, yeah he was watching, cracking up. this time, thing time it's tough. well here i am and now i think i've had enough. stand back, take that and that and're always up to no good, yeah you're always up to no good...well i was trapped in from all sides. caught in a slew of massive lies. no, there is no escape, only flailing arms and bellyaches. when it all started coming down, tonight, or did you run and hide? well i guess that we all make mistakes, i guess i forgave you didn't i?" -phantom planet



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