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17-04-2004 - 05:15


takkun called tonight. i didn't talk to him as i had left my phone at home, but he left a rather long phone message. saying how he's sorry he forgot to call me and such and that he was headed off to bed, but i should give him a call if i got the message before 1am. since i didn't get it till after 4am...i didn't call. i'm just happy he called.

grrr...i miss him already. i also feel bad for ryan and jay 'cause it's hard not to keep talking about him. is it bad that my heart gets all fluttery when i think about him?

i'm waiting for my hair to dry. had to shower the club off of me. icky. and right now i'm so tired. i also have to get up early for our weekly family sushi outting.

ah. takkun....

he's extremely cute. loves anime. likes a lot of the same music as i do. skates. snowboards. has soft pretty hair. when he smiles, his upper lip is slightly tilted to the right. he's tall and toned. always wears socks. has good taste in movies. we have the same sound effects that we use in every day life situations. he's smart. interesting. sometimes shy and insecure in that cute loveable sitcom kind of way. he can make me smile just with a phone call. he's seen me at my worst and hasn't been fazed. why doess he have to be so far away? why didn't he ever say anything about having any interest in me?

well, i really need to get to bed. sleep would be good. maybe takkun will call me in the morning.

"tension is building inside. steadily. everyone feels so far away from me. heavy thoughts forcing their way out of me..." -linkin park



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