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21-04-2004 - 04:01

things i have learned over the past week:

1. my $14 rhinestone necklace has a chaos sphere pendant. random guy on the sidewalk informed me of this. was on the phone, and had to put it down to show me his chaos sphere tattoo.

2. if you're a guy...never cut a bunch of habanero (likely spelled wrong) peppers and use the facilities without washing your hands first. troy informed me of this and said that he figures it's probably worse then an evil std.

my action figures came in the mail today. they're at my parents house. i never have things shipped over here.

today was a decent day. yesterday was an awful one. everything that could go wrong did. i was just glad when it was over. i also have my 4 day weekend coming up. i have to do a ton of my school work to do during that time.

i'm currently watching athf and discovered that frylock sounds just like a guy from work. weird.

futile mentioned a quote today that i really liked..."vae, puto deus fio." (alas/woe, i think i am becoming a god.) -vespatian i really wish i had clever and memorable things to say at critical moments.

i also find it a bit odd that there was a photo of chiv that looks a lot like takkun.

i want a wind orchid.

i want a milk shake.

i want to sleep in all day.

i want to travel.

i want to see takkun.

i want an endless supply of cadbury cream eggs.

i want to never sleep and never be tired.

it's all stormy outside. rain's trying to get in. windy. considerable colder than the night before. my neck hurts. i think i'm going to drink some tea and sleep...

"don't you hate it? when people are in love...they're so...they're so happy. so goddamned happy. don't you hate it? when people are in love...they're so...they're so happy. so fucking happy. i wanna cut you down...because it's not fair that you're so crystal clear and glassy-eyed in love..." -local h



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