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23-04-2004 - 03:53


many things.

first: i think i either sprained or broke something in my wrist. lots of pain. it hurts to turn my wrist, and when i do, it clicks. if it doesn't start feeling better in a day or two, i'm going to have to get it x-rayed. it's odd. i can hold weight with it...just as long as i don't turn my wrist at all. even a slight twist/turn brings sharp shooting pain of evilness. i do not enjoy this.

second: takkun emailed me today. asked for my address. then shortly after emailing me, he called me. so, we talked for about a half hour. he's coming up next weekend for family stuff. will be driving out late friday, spending the day saturday with family, and then driving home early sunday. i told him that he's welcome to stop by here. he said me may or may not. he's not sure. i do hope so. we also decided that he's buying the lain series (anime). i'm not sure what i'm buying next (more anime).

third: i'm a bit worried. i've never really been self-conscious about someone like i am with takkun. does this mean something? i kind of hope it doesn't mean what i think it might. oh well. i just find myself really looking forward to talking with him. every time he calls it makes me smile.

good good things: my flcl anime characters will be in my hands in mere days. my rhinestone necklace will also be here soon. mmm...ebay...

i've really mucked up my wrist. if i press on part of actually feels spongy. this somehow looks like it might turn into something that won't go away in a few days. my back also hurts. evil work. oh...and something else fun...squad car at work kept fritzing. all of the instruments on the dash kept going to zero...while i was driving. not a good thing when you're driving a marked car and likely speeding. only quality equipment for our department...

i have the next 4 days off. i must do school stuff. i must clean. and i hope to go to the dentist.

i bit my lip today. got a hang nail.

"you have offended us and our god. and our god is a god of vengance...and action." -athf

"the drops of rain they fall all over. this awkward silence makes me crazy. the glow inside burns light upon her. i'll try to kiss you if you let me. (this can't be the end) tidal waves, they rip right through me. tears from eyes worn cold and sad. pick me up now, i need you so bad..." -blink 182



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