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05-05-2004 - 01:46

finished my class today. exam and paper are over. blah.

well, catching things up here...

troy is leaving in a little over a month...and work just won't be the same.

christina is still planning on moving to lansing with her boyfriend. i'm not sure if my parents will still be paying her rent or not. she also says that she plans on finishing up, i hope she does.

i didn't end up seeing takkun this past weekend. i also haven't heard from him since before he left his state. i'm not sure what's going on with that. can't say i'm a fan of the whole being vulnerable thing. i said my part...i just wish he'd say something now.

orchids are not doing well. with the massive temp changes going on over here, they're not doing their best. i'd love to have some sort of indoor lighting for them and maybe large terrarium (likely spelled wrong) for them.

i've now signed up for that orkut thing. it's interesting. i'm not sure if i like it or not.

window is open. smells of rain. i'm currently wearing half a kimono. i'm missing an appropriate obi, but i have an old one that's not long enough to tie properly in the back. drinking "red champagne".

not much else to say tonight. too much in my mind to let out.

"life is a test, and i confess, i like this mess i've made so far. grade on a curve and you'll observe, i'm right below the horizon..." -they might be giants



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