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22-05-2004 - 03:48

it's been a while...

well, i ended up with a 4.0 in my criminal investigation class. tornados touched down in the area today. the sky was green. green! i took out a cinder block (luckily broken) with my fiero and broke off a bracket. i'm going to nyc from july 14th-19th. i haven't talked to takkun in about a week. i watched all of full metal panic (takkun's gave it to me) and am on disc 10 of 12 in the kenshin series. (almost done with all 95 episodes). i still have a slight spot on my finger from the spider bite a while back. i'll be moving on july 1st (so the plan goes). ryan will likely stay at my place for a bit until he figures out what he's going to do. i'm getting a dining room table and chairs from my aunt and uncle, and possibly a dresser. i'm also getting a couch that has a fold out bed from my grandparents. i'll still need to buy some things, but i'll wait until after i move. i also think i might end up with ryan's book shelf since he mentioned that he probably won't want it. troy's last day or work is memorial day and then things will be forever boring. my future career plans have been put back a year and i'm thinking of talking to the secret service. i'm still working on the japanese and plan to be able to use it fairly well in a year.

i've not been sleeping much lately. i've been thinking too much lately. it's weird weather out lately. it's really warm in here with busted ac.

"your good intentions slowly turn to bitterness. reoccuring episodes with each and every kiss. i can tell you're going through the motions. figured you were writing out your part. once again we're playing off emotions. which one of us will burn until the end? catalyst, you exist to pull me down. you contradict the fact that you still want me around. and it's all downhill from here. and all downhill from here..." -a new found glory



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