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23-05-2004 - 03:37

it's raining right now. it's raining like the gods want to wash the world away.

i fear this storm night take out our power while i sleep and then i won't get up in time for work. oh wll.

i read something today that people who listen to music while doing things are proven to have a lower blood pressure even during stressful situations. i wonder if that's why i usually feel pretty good. i listen to a lot of music. when i fall asleep. when i drive in cars. sometimes at work when i can get away with it.

everything in my room is shaking. things sound like they're going to break. lightening is frequently filling up the sky with white light.

i'm mostly complete with disc 10 of 12 from the kenshin series.

tonight i sat around watching most of disc 10, eatting udon and drinking cold sake. all in all a pretty good night. now i'm off to study some japanese...

"kitto isshun de ii n da. furetai. matomo de nanka. irarenaku natta. wake up, frenzy. donatta tte ii n da tekageru shinai de. wakari kitta yogen nante. zenbu kuzushite kure..." -the pillows

"even just for an instant. i want to touch you. i never needed it that seriously. wake up, frenzy. whatever happens is fine. don't go easy on me. just destroy all those irrefutable predictions..." -the pillows



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