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31-05-2004 - 04:04


my sister and her boyfriend broke up...during their move to their new temporary apartment. i guess he still has half of her stuff. they were moving there to wait until august when their house (rental) is ready, but who knows now. i wonder if she'll ever finish college...

last night troy took me out for out last motorcycle ride before he leaves. nothing more interesting than being on the back of a 1200cc motorcycle in a skirt, kimono jacket, silver sunglasses, and a black helmet with the kimino sleeves flying in the wind while going about 60 mph through ann arbor.

i can't wait for my move. i also can't wait for my new york trip.

...and dating-wise...

i met a guy the other day that i actually have interest in. cute in that unconventional kind of way. intelligent and pretty interesting. then there's also my family trying to set me up. i guess my grandmother (on my father's side) wants me to meet my cousin's husband's friends. yeah...odd.

it's too bad that things can't work out with takkun. who else is going to love anime as much as i do? who's going to be cute and smart and make me want to be cute and smart? oh well...

"if it's an all night thing. nobody is gonna make it end. and if it don't begin. don't worry that i'll take offense. and if it's an all night thing. and we fall like a tear falling to the ground. i'll never come around. and you'll never hear a word from me. if it's an all night thing..." -temple of the dog



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