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02-06-2004 - 03:31

i was in a better mood for a bit...

there's creatures in my ceiling once again. they're not happy right now. they keep moving about and tapping on the walls.

well. i'm in a slightly better mood today. things were good earlier. went to class. bought a pin stripe dress. (a friend of mine talked me into buying it). came home. snacked. finished off the bottle from last night.

the down side...

aimee might not be coming out tomorrow/today. i guess joe's broke and can't afford to take her out for her birthday. i kind of feel bad. the ceiling creatures are also annoying me. and...i talked to takkun tonight. he now says that he may not even visit during the 4th of july weekend like he originally planned. a bit dissapointing. oh well.

i'm not sure if i said it or not, but my noren (cool japanese curtains) that i ebayed came in. ebay's great.

my orchids are not doing well. two of them have died off and two more aren't doing too well. i can't wait till i move and have a window facing a better direction.

i did discover why my finger slice didn't's actually damaged under the skin. much like a blunt force trauma injury. i somehow managed to cut the meaty part while leaving the first few layers of skin intact. that's why it hurts so much. i actually wrapped my hand up last night so i wouldn't tap it on anything and damage it more. currently i am typing with my fingers curled and with the back (top) of my fingernails.

"one more time around, might do it. one more time around, might make it. one more time around, might do it. one more time around. the day i tried to live. words you say never seem to live up to the ones inside your head. the lives we make, never seem to ever get us anywhere but dead...and i learned that i was a liar...just like you." -soundgarden



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