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09-06-2004 - 04:04

it's insanely hot here. the ac is still busted and i can't keep my window open because of the large gap between the window and the frame. i've decided that i'll risk melting over numerous mosquito (however that's spelled) bites. it's sooooooo hot.

anyways. updates.

today after class, ryan and i went out to seek coolness. we went to the dairy queen but there were half a million people waiting (literally). so, we went to another place. after yummy ice cream, we stopped at the 7-11 and got slushies. now i'm drinking ice tea. it's helping...but not much.

i missed the venus eclipse today...not that i could have viewed much or any of it...

i did quite a bit of packing tonight. most of my clothing is packed. as well as most of my breakables. still have tons more packing, but i ran out of boxes.

still melting. this is awful. not much else to say. to warm to think...

"good morning heartache, you're like an old friend come and see me again. testify my love for you. i know it runs deep through your body too. from the cold blacktop to the hot concrete, the old tan van it ain't so sweet. somewhere in america in the city at night. we were far from home but you know it was gonna be alright..." -rancid



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