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25-06-2004 - 23:33

so many things have happened...

i can no longer connect through my msu account and now must use wayne state for my dial up connections.

my work place is switching to 12 hour shifts starting the end of august. i'm now looking for an escape plan. i plan so send a bunch of applications out on monday. i hope i get out of there soon. after troy left it was boring enough. then my evil co-worker and supersivors started hasseling me again. now we're switching to 12 hour shifts. they're not increasing our vacation, sick, etc time. so, when someone wants a vacation day...using the 8 hours days that we've already stocked up, we now have to use a day and a half. bastards.

the move is coming up. not even a week away now.

i'm going out shopping with my parents tomorrow. getting some new stuff for my soon to be apartment.

i've been cleaning all day. my fingertips hurt. i've scrubbed the walls and the cabinets. vaccuumed (spelled wrong, but oh well) the entire place aside from ryans room.

can't wait for my new york trip.

so much going on. it's a nice change of pace. the plus side of the evilness of my work is that it's once again motivated me to seek out better employment.

bryan gave me the newest new found glory cd. i'm really liking it. something good coming out of an 8 day work week (actually only 7 for me 'cause i took tuesday off as a vacation day for class).

bah. i still have to do laundry and clean out the fridge.

i guess this is it for now. just felt i ought to update a bit since i'd been away for quite some time...

"this letter explains everything. the content it is the truth. each word could cut like daggers. if i decide to finally give it to you. i've rewrote and rechecked a thousand times. licked it shut and said my goodbyes. could i have so perfectly written something. why open this conclusion. and it feels like i've already been there. sounds like i'm preaching to the choir. if it looks like it won't work out. i'm the one, one full of doubt. i know that time won't change a thing. if we're wrong, moving in slow motion. it's hard to catch up when the world is weighing you down...i'm confused. don't know what i should do now. you, you confuse everything close to you. tell me how does this feel...when it feels like i've already been there. sounds like i'm preaching to the choir. if it looks like it won't work out. i'm the one...yeah." -a new found glory



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