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04-07-2004 - 03:19

so...i'm in my new home. home is currently a first floor apartment in more than slight disarray. i'm mostly unpacked, but i just haven't put things into their places. i also do not currently have any real tables and only one chair in my whole place. i also have more stemwear than any one girl should have. i guess it means that i ought to "entertain" more. (also known as having people over for the sole purpose to drink out of stemwear.)

i also have a date. a date with andy. not the andy that anyone would think of, but this andy is also good with computers and loves anime. i guess he's also a wine collector. the date of our date is not currently set...and i may still call it off.

so. i have moved in. muscles in my body that i either forgot or never knew existed hurt. my left knee burns with the fire of a thousand suns. ryan's going to be here for a bit too. i guess it works out as a good transitional stage on my way to living alone.

i'm a bit cold and my blankets are still in the dryer...

i currently do not have cable. i'm in a bit of pain. and my throat is sore from inhaling lemon scented lysol (possibly spelled wrong) cleaner when i was cleaning up the kitchen. i'm tired but can't sleep. i have to work tomorrow. i have cut on my right thumb (grazed it on the door frame when moving a trash can in) and a small cut on my head (from not realizing a cabinet was open.)

so, this is just a quick update. too much is going on to really think here...

" you believe in rock n' roll? can music save your mortal soul? and can you teach me how to dance real slow?..." -don mclean



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