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12-07-2004 - 03:31

i'm still trying to get used to having blinds in my rooms. not that they work all too well as you can still see into my bedroom from the outside even when closed...

i really want to scavange in the kitchen, but i don't want to wake ryan up by turning the lights on again. and i don't want to try holding the flashlight with my teeth again either. think i might have re-chipped one of my bottom teeth again.

i'm looking into purchasing a large projection television. amazing how many places sell things on payment plan with no interest for 6 months...

the sprinkler system is still projecting streams of water onto my bedroom windows. it would be into...but i've kept them closed since i moved in.

it's raining right now. down pouring.

i leave for new york in just days...i can't wait.

not much to leave in here tonight. my brain is wandering too much...

"ordinarily i don't feel so buried but i'm thinking again and i've lost some time. i disappear and i re-appear. someone pull me out of the clouds. who let this happen? who made me think i had it down? i can imagine you. these thoughts i carry. i wear around just like an electric shock. just pull the switch and watch me twitch. you'll always see me smile." -sponge



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