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12-08-2004 - 03:22

meteor shower today. the peak was during daylight hours...while i was at work. then most of the night there were clouds covering the entire sky. i did see a few shooting stars.

not too much to say. i have furniture now. my parents decided to drop off stuff that was supposed to go to my sister at my place too. now i have a dresser, side table, and coffee table that i don't have room for. i'm a bit annoyed by it. that and the fact that it cost my parents $250 to rent a moving truck, and get my other uncle to help move things. they said it was part of my birthday present. only thing is...i could have moved my stuff with a rented truck too. my mother kept saying just to wait since they had to rent a truck to move a projection television to my grandparents place. well, it would have only been $28 to rent a truck with an 8 foot bed. i could have easily fit the dresser (i only wanted one and now seem to have two) and table (with 4 chairs) in the back of that. they also said that it took them 12 hours to move the stuff. well, it takes an hour and a half to drive out there from here. i think i could have moved my stuff in about half an hour. so, a total of 3.5 hours. and, the dining room table comes apart and isn't heavy...could easily move it myself. and the dresser isn't too heavy when you take the drawers out...could move it myself but perhaps not easily. grrrrr....

my sister also broke up with her skeezy boyfriend again. appearently he moved out...and then back in by the end of the night. that and i'm 99.9 percent sure she's drinking again. if caught, instant jail time for probation violation. she also currently weighs 97 pounds. her ribs are sticking out. it looks bad. she's built a bit bigger then me and i weigh 115 pounds. i feel bad for her. it's sad to see her go down hill so fast. guys used to fall all over themselves to ask her out. then she just started dressing shabby (for a while there wore the same hoodie without washing it for about a month). got all of the piercings and tattoos. dyed shoddy blond streaks into her black hair (definitely look like a drunken monkey did them for her...blindfolded). she keeps loosing weight. and she's wearing those creepy blue contacts that don't quite cover her dark brown irises. she doesn't even need contacts since she has perfect vision...always has. sad.

i'm not sure when i updated last...but, in the past two weeks or less, i've watched the entire fruits basket series (26 episodes i believe) and the entire samurai deeper kyo series (26 episodes). i enjoyed both. i also think that i'm going to revive the long dead anime gatherings. i really wish i had more friends that lived close by who liked anime. it's fun, but not quite the same to watch anime with takkun who live so far away. it's not the same watching something with someone over the phone.

as always, i miss takkun. every time i think that i'm over him, he'll call and say something that just changes everything. like when he calls and asks why i "never call him". and that i should call him more. he'll bring up something from the past and i'll just miss him even more. i guess it doesn't help that we talk almost every night...

just two good takkun memories right now: i remember when we were at msu and walking around with a bunch of people looking for a party. we were walking past a porch with people on it and they offered us drinks. we started talking to them and they invited us to hang out. i'm not sure if it was this night where we first met tim (artist tim and not the one i dated), or if it was later since we ended up hanging out with them quite a bit. anyway, i remember takkun jumping off of the steps on their porch and somehow his zipper spontaneously busted. tim offered him a safety pin and takkun said something to the effect of how he didn't want any sharp objects "down there". ended up using duct tape to tape up his pants. i remember laughing until my sides hurt. another memory is also from msu. takkun, ryan, and myself (i think ryan and i were going to get 7-11 slushies and ran into takkun and my sister rollerblading, but my sister ended up taking off). we ended up getting slushies and lying in the grass in the middle of a traffic circle watching the clouds go by. perfectly sunny perfect in every way day. we had to have been there for at least two hours.

well. my new dresser (the one that actually is mine) is filled with my dvd's. most people have clothing in dressers. i opted for dvd organization. i have all of my anime in one drawer (which made me realize that i don't have as much as i thought) and then i have my kung fu movies seperated and then all of the rest. and everything is in alphabetical order.

i also ended up with a 3.67 in my wayne state class. i really should have studied for the quizes or something. i would have had a 4.0, but the prof originally said he was going to drop our two lowest test scores (one of those was one that everyone did bad on because the guest lecturer wrote a really bad quiz that contradicted things he said in class). well, he didn't drop those. oh well. now my overall is a 3.838.

"i'm sick and i'm twisted. i'm broken you can't fix it. don't make me, 'cause i'll do it, red button and we'll all go..." -billy talent



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