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20-08-2004 - 03:35

let's see...

got my new anime in. i think i got mine before takkun got his...and he ordered his a day or two before me. he also still hasn't received his from the other company that was supposedly shipped out almost a month ago. i ordered from them and had no problems. seems i just have better anime luck than him.

billy from the necto called me. left a message on the machine. (i had called him. he called my answering machine. i called his voice mail. then he left this new message.) said that he's had a really weird week and that he's sorry he didn't call back sooner. sooner? as in less than a few days? anyways...i often don't call people back for weeks at a time. grrr...just realized that i should probably call aimee.

i worked on some basic fencing the other day. fencing against a chair out back. had to stop after the maintenance people who were painting the apartment outsides stopped and sat down to watch me. freaked me out a bit. my arm is still sore from fencing again after my fencing sabatical.

foot is asleep. same foot that i smished today. cut my toe. toe's are those really odd parts of the body where you can't really put a bandaid on properly. they just don't have toe shaped ones. and they never stay on for long.

i still don't know what type of costume i'm going to have this year for halloween. some might think it's early to think of things like this, but it takes me ages to decide. and then i have to buy the fabric and actually sit down and sew it.

i had my grandparents over on wednesday for dinner. elaborate least for me. i spent hours the day before cleaning...trying to get things grandmother clean. they were both impressed with my apartment. they hadn't seen it since the first days i was moving in. they said that they really liked the way i decorated it. even told my mother about it later on the phone. they also said that they liked the dinner i made. it's a bit hard to cook for them as my grandmother eats mostly japanese food and my grandfater is diabetic and can't eat things with too much sugar. but i made baked spiced-herbed chicken, corn on the cob, gyoza, cold noodles, salad, and had yummy melon. it was nice to cook for them since they make me food every time i visit them (which is about once a week...or once every group of days off that i have).

it's weird with ryan being gone. granted i come home and close the blinds and prowl about my apartment in my socks and undies, but it's weird coming home and being alone.

anyways...i guess that's it for now...

i know there's some japanese lyrics for this, but i haven't heard the japanese version yet...

"a hundred years have now gone by. it's the turn of the century. and when i thought that i should cry. i felt a laugh escape from me. now a century has gone. the moon is shining yonder. out to that wide flying world. i must begin to i'm not all that great. and i'm not all that bad. all i can really know here is just my heartbeat pounding. i don't know all the answers. i don't know all the truth. all i can really trust here is just my heartbeat pounding. only the pounding of my heart..." -case closed theme song



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